Calgary, Alberta, April 5, 2023 – Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels Inc. (Rocky) and Expander Energy Inc.

(Expander) are pleased to announce that they have reached a long-term binding agreement in which Expander will provide renewable syngas to the Rocky facility where it will be converted into renewable Bio-SynDiesel™ fuel in conjunction with Rocky’s current SynDiesel® and Hydrogen Production.

Expander will install a biomass gasification unit adjacent to the Rocky facility, which is in operation 60 kilometers east of Calgary, near Carseland, Alberta. The new gasification unit will convert biomass
(construction wood waste) which has been diverted from landfill to produce renewable hydrogen and carbon monoxide (syngas). The renewable syngas will be processed by Rocky to produce low Carbon Intensity renewable Bio-SynDiesel® and hydrogen.

Installation of the Expander gasifier at the Rocky facility will result in the production of over 6 million liters of low carbon intensity renewable Bio-SynDiesel®. Expander anticipates that production could be available as early as mid 2025.

Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels President Doug Geeraert stated “This agreement represents Rocky’s first hydrogen sale contract and supports the continued development of hydrogen supply infrastructure in southern Alberta as well as a clear pathway to low carbon intensity synthetic liquid fuel production. The project is another step towards the development of renewable energy (Low Carbon Intensity liquid fuels, hydrogen, electricity and CCS) in Wheatland County, Alberta.”

Expander Energy President Gord Crawford stated “The renewable Bio-SynDiesel® program will showcase the economical and reliable production of low Carbon Intensity Bio-SynDiesel™ fuel from underutilized cellulosic biomass. Through cooperation with Rocky, we can rapidly move our proven gasifier technology into production at industrial scale. Full implementation of Expander’s patented Enhanced Biomass to Liquids (EBTL™) process including Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) could result in Net-Zero Carbon Intensity (0 gCO2e/MJ) Bio-SynDiesel® and Bio-SynJet® at the Carseland facility as early as 2027.”
About Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels Inc.

Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels Inc. (Rocky Mountain) is a private Canadian corporation dedicated to unlocking premium clean fuel value from economically and physically stranded natural gas, and natural gas liquids. Through the deployment of Rocky Mountain’s patented EGTL™ process and its technology agreement with Greyrock, Rocky Mountain’s technology solution bridges the clean burning quality of natural gas into high performance liquid fuels for the Road, Rail, Marine and Aviation markets. The EGTL™ solution converts low value natural gas and natural gas liquids into high value, high performance, zero sulphur, paraffinic fuels. Rocky Mountain’s EGTL™ plants are feedstock flexible, capable of single product synthetic liquid fuel (SynDiesel®) or multiple products including SynDiesel®, hydrogen, gasoline blendstock, and FT wax and scalable from 5.0 MMscfe/d to 70.0 MMscfe/d of NG input.
About Expander Energy Inc.

Expander Energy Inc. is a Calgary, Alberta based energy technology firm that has developed a patented suite of transportation fuel production technologies to convert biomass and low Carbon Intensity electricity into “Fossil Free” Net-Zero Life Cycle Carbon Intensity synthetic diesel fuel (Bio-SynDiesel®) and synthetic kerosene jet fuel (Bio-SynJet®). Expander’s Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Sequestration (BECCS) solution utilizes cellulosic biomass to produce next generation low CI synthetic fuels while efficiently capturing bio-carbon for geologic sequestration.

For further information:
Doug Geeraert
President and COO
Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels Inc. 587 205 8701

Gord Crawford
President and COO
Expander Energy Inc.
780 966 4673