• Our Fuels at Rocky Mountain GTL

Cleaner fuel for your engine and the environment.

Rocky Mountain GTL builds facilities with regional infrastructure and is ideal for “stranded” natural gas reserves.

Our patented EGTL™ carbon-efficient process produces high-performance, cleaner-burning, zero-sulphur synthetic fuels that can be used in Canada or world-wide. Our fuels meet or exceed the ASTM975, CARB, EURO5 and Canada’s ULSD fuel standards.

Our paraffinic fuels contain zero sulphur (yellow smog), near zero CO and NOx emissions (white smog) and particulates (soot). Our fuels improve engine performance, reduce wear and noise-level thanks to a high cetane rating of >70 (current petro-diesel 45-50), have excellent lubricity, less particulates and are a low aromatic fuel. Our synthetic fuels can be used straight or blended with petroleum diesel to improve performance of traditional petroleum fuel and to assist in meeting the needs for government fuel blending requirements.

No new engine or distribution infrastructure is required for the road, rail, marine and aviation markets.

Using natural gas and natural gas liquids as feedstock results in a cleaner fuel choice that is recognized and currently used world-wide (+225,000 BPD)— at the same or less cost than conventional fuel. Our modular facility uses regional infrastructure, close to communities, to create a local cleaner energy market.

You can see our synthetic fuel difference.

bottle of gtl diesel vs conventional diesel
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