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careseland plant
careseland plant

Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels Inc.’s “first of its kind” modular facility offers the efficiency of a large facility on a smaller scale with better economics.

Our patented EGTL™ technology and current design infrastructure used in this plant is a smarter way to make synthetic diesel (and jet fuel) from natural gas and natural gas liquids. Future phases proposed for Carseland will include hydrogen, hydrogenation-derived renewable diesel (“HDRD”), and EGTL™ fuel.

Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels Inc.’s plant safety record is exceptional, and our fuels are produced in a socially acceptable manner.  Our small-scale facilities will provide diverse economic prosperity to rural and Indigenous communities.

Carseland Alberta Facility

RMGTL Carseland, Alberta Canada GTL Plant

Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels Inc.’s first EGTL™ plant in Canada is in Carseland, Alberta, located 50 km east of Calgary.  The plant will be capable of producing ~25 million litres per year of superior synthetic diesel fuel derived from natural gas and natural gas liquids.

careseland plant map

The plant design is for full water recovery and recycle, and integrated waste-heat recovery to generate power for the plant. Production is estimated for Fourth Quarter 2021.

Future plants are being engineered to be scalable to produce up to 300+ million litres per year of EGTL™ fuel.

Rocky Mountain GTL’s feedstock flexible EGTL™ technology & Greyrock’s Direct to Fuel Production™ catalyst create a unique integrated process allowing for a smaller, modular facility and a ‘one-stop’ sustainable fuel source where resources can be produced, processed and consumed in local or regional markets—or supply international demand.

In addition to creating skilled-labour employment opportunities for Carseland, the plant complements an existing gas plant and infrastructure already in the area, adding convenience and cost-effective benefits.

Our facilities can be stand alone to reach stranded gas reserves or built in parallel to existing gas plants, as in Carseland, allowing for take-away capacity or market opportunities. Communities can take pride in producing their own paraffinic diesel, high quality and environmentally advanced diesel fuels and Hydrogen.

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